Take Control of Your Dealership. Yeah, There’s An Option For That.

We’re Not Just Another Consulting Firm, But a Proven Partner to Help You Navigate the Most Challenging Areas of Your Dealership’s Profitability

Established in 1983 in Denver, Colorado, R.J. Slee & Associates, manages and participates in consulting engagements for the accomplishment of management goals. These engagements are with leading businesses within the Capital Equipment Industry, Heavy Earthmoving, Light Industrial, Agricultural and Material Handling dealers and manufacturers.

Listed Below Are The Most Common Areas for Consulting Engagements

Parts Operations

We evaluate the complete parts business from the purchase of the part through to the final sale to the customer. The “how it is done” is compared to best practices and recommendations are put forward for opportunities to improve service and reduce costs.

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Service Operations

We evaluate the complete service business from the inspections to standard jobs and times to various service programs available for the customer. You’re compared to best practices and recommendations are put forward for opportunities to improve.

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Parts Pricing

Since matrix pricing of the early 70’s the market has changed and pricing theories are dramatically different. Using your data, we create an array based on your activity, demand, and competitiveness to develop a new pricing model with differing markups.

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Warehouse Design

Warehouse designs and layouts is where we started out consulting work. This was with the railways in Canada starting in 1976. This is a combination of bills of materials for warehousing equipment and storage systems and moving instructions.

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Inventory Control

The “when to order” and “how much to order” decisions are critical. The rules that are in place to manage the inventory and back orders are evaluated and compared to the expected results. Maximizing customer service and asset management are the goals.

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Service Pricing

Pricing of labor is not a matter of calling around to other dealers. It is about the market price point and profitability. Labor rates, flat rates, and all standard charges are reviewed and recommendations made as to alternatives.

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Market Coverage

Market coverage plans and approaches for your territory and key competitors are reviewed. To achieve market share growth and customer retention, coverage plans must dictate regular personal contact with customers.

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Flat Rating

From job coding structures to the approaches used for the development of standard job times—everything about flat rating programs, methods and profitability are assessed for the business.

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Product Support

Parts and labor sales is not be done by word of mouth. Market coverage dictates that you cannot leave your customers without regular personal contact. We use stratification tools to determine the customers to cover and why.

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Service Selling

Too often we work in a “service shop” rather than a “technical services business.” This engagement determines those programs that can improve the customer and dealership experience. You don’t’ sell labor by selling a repair when a machine is down, rather you sell service programs to minimize downtime.

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Operational Standards

How do you know when you are “doing a good job” is a constant question for many employees.  We call these standards  “What it Looks Like When it is Right.” Determining the key indicators and the presentation methods are covered in this impactful and far reaching study.

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IT System Audits

How does your current business management system and IT staff operate for the business? Where are the shortcomings and strengths? This is a meaningful study of how well IT systems and tools assist the dealership to achieve best practice performance and profitability.

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